Angel Park Greyhound Race Track

Angel Park Greyhound Race Track

Angle Park is a greyhound racing track in Southern Australia which is also known as greyhound park. The track has a circumference of 457 metres. All races at Angle Park have free entrance except for the Adelaide Cup. The Cup is the main race in Southern Australia and attracts dogs from all over the country as well as local entrants.

Betting at the club is held in the clubhouse via tote facilities as well as on site bookies. The clubhouse boasts a restaurant and bar with full Sky facilities, showing races from around the country on big screen televisions.  The stands hold capacity for 4000 people, and are often filled up on the big race days such as the Adelaide Cup.

Betting At Angle Park

Placing a wager at Angle Park can be done in a number of ways.  On site bookies are at the track on big race days as well as during the week offering set odds on various dogs. It pays to shop around at the various bookies to find the odds that suit you best.  Tote facilities are also available at the bar, which is away from the family area.

Adelaide Cup

The Adelaide Cup is run once a year at Angle Park and is the biggest greyhound racing event in Southern Australia.  Dogs from all over the country as well as Southern Australia compete for a total prize purse of $125 000 as well as various trophies.

The cup is held in January each year and is looked forward to by both punters and trainers from around the country.  There are a number of races on the day of the cup, ranging from maiden races for new Dogs to the final main race of the day, which is for experienced chasers.

A minimum of four local dogs is chosen to enter the field with the total of the field being 16 dogs.  The dogs are eliminated via various heats, resulting in a final race of a field of 8 entrants.  Punters watch the dogs over the elimination races, getting a feel and idea of the runner’s potential and capabilities.

Angle Park Online

Angle Park is a popular racetrack and betting on the races is available at online greyhound betting sites as well as at the actual track.  Many sites offer betting on various races with various fixed odds per dog. Online bingo betting is especially useful for those who cannot be at the track but are following the races or a favourite chaser.   Betting sites can also be accessed via a mobile device, such as a smartphone, from anywhere in the country such as the local pub or a friend’s house. This means that you can place a wager from wherever you are.

Betting online also provides a variety of other services, such as pedigrees, histories and training of the dogs.  Knowing a dog’s history and pedigree is beneficial when placing a wager on it, as both of these play a part in how well the dog runs.  Just like horse racing, a bit of knowledge before placing a wager helps to produce a successful outcome. Online sites also offer tips on upcoming races, but bear in mind that the favourite dog will have lower odds, which means that if you bet on it, your payout will be lower than it would have been should you have taken a chance on an underdog.

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