Easy Slider Slot Guide for Beginner Players Online

Easy Slider Slot Guide for Beginner Players Online

Leander Games has succeeded in creating a video online slot game that takes you back to the days of roaring bikes and open roads, smoking tyres and driving into the sunset.

Easy Slider is set against the backdrop of skulls and bikes and the colourful theme of the game is welcoming and provocative to take a spin on the wild side. Easy Slider consists of 5 reels and 25 pay lines.

This new age game has a multiplayer mode and you can also expect to see special symbols including the Wild and Scatter feature.

Playing Easy Slider

Easy Slider is a flexible online slots game that allows you to play any number of lines up to 25. You also have the choice of choosing the bet amount within the borders of the minimum and maximum allowed bet for Easy Slider.

Matching symbols of two or three on an active line is required to trigger a payout. You can take a chance to increase your winnings by using the gambling feature.

The winning combinations in this game are 2 or 3 identical symbols that appear consecutively on the same line, from left to right. Every line is only allowed one winning sequence, and the rule is that the most valuable combination holds.

The value of the winnings is determined by the sequence index and the maximum is your bet multiplied by 500. You also have the option of boosting your winnings by making use of the gambling feature.


Easy Slider is filled with captivating symbols such as a biker, shades, vivid numbers and letters, skulls on jeans, a helmet and hot wheels.

You can expect a burning motorcycle representing a Scatter symbol and a female biker would be your Wild symbol.

The Wild symbol has the ability to replace any other standard symbol, but it needs to be positioned correctly to complete a match on any given reel.

Easy Slider also features a unique Slide-A-Wild function that is directly related to the Wild symbol. You select a reel before you spin. Your reel now stands a chance of being boosted with Wild symbols and multipliers.

This eliminates having to increase your bet at a later stage and gives the player the choice to control their risk.

As an added bonus, 3 or more Scatter symbols on one screen will result in 15 free games, and all Wild related winnings will be doubled, making this one of the most exciting, potentially lucrative and quite frankly the best online pokies Australia has to offer.

The Interface

This game is only available in English and the lay out is quick to follow and the game is easy to figure out. There is also a self-service info tab where you can familiarise yourself with the payout structure and rules of Easy Slider.

You can turn the sound on and off to suite your personal liking and the game also has a balance function so you can keep an eye on the credit value in your account. The game has a gamble mode as well as an autoplay feature.

Easy Slide also suggests quick tips, which you can find just below the reels.

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