Will Sports Betting Come To Smartwatch?

Will Sports Betting Come To Smartwatch?

Placing bets on sporting events in Canada is already at a peak convenience level. Anyone with a smartphone, laptop, table, or home computer can put down in a bet in seconds. All that is required is an internet connection and an account with an online bookmaker. But, some consider a smartwatch to be an essential gadget, leading some to wonder; will sports betting be made available on smartwatches?

A smartwatch is great for getting remote access to your mobile device, allowing messages to be received, phone calls to be made, and the internet to be accessed. But, is it feasible to place bets via a smartwatch? Let’s take a quick look and see what we can find out.

Support Required

When looking at what an Apple smartwatch or Android smartwatch is capable of doing, there really is no reason that a betting application should not be available, at least from a technical standpoint. The application would have to be boiled down to essential components, in order to be displayed on the small smartwatch screen. But, all applications that work with smartwatches have had the same treatment applied, and they work as well as can be expected.

The real key is that an online bookmaker has to get on board with the process, having a smartwatch compatible application developed for their website. No online bookmakers have yet expressed an interest to do so, but given how popular smartwatches are becoming, one would think that an application would already be in development.

Smartwatch Limitations

As already said; applications have to be boiled down to essential components in order to operate on a smartwatch. This is an obvious limitation, and one that some might find difficult. In the case of having to quickly see essential information about potential bets, the application would be restricted to only showing specific information. Such as, perhaps, the odds of potential bets, and teams playing.

If more details were required, the bettor would have to reach for their phone. So, ultimately, a smartwatch would be excellent for quickly placing bets, but not great for showing detailed information about bets. In other words; a smartwatch would be perfect for a bettor who knows what he or she wants, and is willing to commit to a bet quickly.

Is There A Market?

As with most software, what will ultimately determine if a smartwatch crown oaks betting sites and application comes into existence is the demand for it. If bettors express a need for such an application, an online bookmaker will move to see that the demand is met. For the time being, most seem happy using their smartphones and laptops.

If you would like to see a smartwatch based betting application, making some noise at your favourite bookmaker, and asking for one, would probably go some way to seeing one finally get developed. If a smartwatch application does get developed, we’ll be sure to do a follow up article and tell you how well it works. In the meantime, may all your bets be successful ones, and good luck.

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