Tens or Better A Favourite Video Poker Game

Tens or Better A Favourite Video Poker Game

Video poker is a mix of traditional poker and an online slots game, and has become an extremely popular game with casino games players. It is popular in the land based casinos, and has also become a firm favourite with online players as well. The rules of most video poker games are similar to the usual games of poker, and so are easy to understand and learn.

Tens or Better is one of these popular video games, and is closely related to Jacks or Better. It is much easier to win in Tens or Better, as you only need a pair of tens or better to receive a payout, which is easier to obtain than a pair of Jacks or better. Since the winning combination is easier to form a winning combination, Tens or Better generally offers a smaller payout when compared to some of the other variants of video poker. The game has a slightly lower variance than most other video poker games because of the extended number of paying hands.

The Game Is Similar to Jacks or Better

Tens or Better is very similar to Jacks or Better. You begin by placing your bet. You will then be dealt five cards, and you choose which of them to keep and which to discard. New cards will be dealt when you have decided to deal again. The object of the game is to have a five card poker hand that has a winning combination, and of course, the higher the value of your hand the larger will be the payout. There is a payout schedule displayed on the side of the machine for you to check. You can replace your cards only once. If you did not receive a winning combination with the cards you replaced, the game ends. If you did get a winning combination you can collect your payout, or attempt to double it.


A Possibility to Double Your Winnings

If you choose to attempt the double, you will be dealt a card face up, and four cards face down. You choose one card among those place face down. If the card you have selected is lower than the card the dealer will turn face up, you lose your winnings. If they are the same it will be counted as a tie, and you can still either collect your winnings, or attempt again to double it. If your card is higher than the dealer’s card, you will be successful and your winnings will be doubled. You can either collect these winnings, or try another double. In Tens or Better there is also a possibility of trying the half double. In this offer you can try to double half of your winnings, and deposit the other half to your total winnings.

Ranking of the Cards

The ranking in Tens or Better, the ranking of the hands is similar to the standard poker game. The only difference is that the minimum possible winning hand is a pair of tens or better. The highest possible hand is still the Royal Flush, and you can also win payouts for the Straight Flush or Four of a Kind, or Three of a Kind. There is the Two Pairs, and the Pair that must consist of a pair of Tens or higher.

This is what you can expect in the video poker game of Tens or Better. Once you have mastered this game, it will be simple for you to play any other kind of five card poker draw video game.

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