Texas Hold’em May Be NetEnts Finest

Texas Hold’em May Be NetEnts Finest

Texas Hold’em Professional Series is probably the most popular poker table game that was ever developed by the innovative and trend setting Swedish casino software developer Net Entertainment.

The Texas Hold’em variation of poker card game is the most played form of poker, both in brick and mortar casinos and online, worldwide. NetEnt’s Texas Hold’em Pro Series offers authentic heads-up poker gameplay, complete with several betting rounds and tactical options.

All poker aficionados can now access their game easily since Netent Texas Hold’em Pro is a pretty straight-forward poker game. Naturally the game is resplendent with its own tutorial page to ensure players know the game, and where Texas Hold’em can be played for free.

However, the most important introductory information about Netent Texas Hold’em Professional Series has to be that it has one of the highest Return to Player percentages of the entire Netent casino game range. Statistically at least, reasonably skilled Texas Hold’m Pro players are able to average a surprisingly high 99.37% return.

The Game Software

The aim of online casino game developers, and particularly NetEnt, has always been to provide an online gambling experience indistinguishable from brick and mortar casino play, utilising the rich, high quality graphics and dynamic sounds available to the technologically advanced computing and mobile devices.

The online poker experience is then supplemented with user-friendly and flawless payment software catering to a variety of online billing methods and sympathetic customer services. You can find this kind of  extensive payment options at a variety of reputable sites like http://www.australianpokiesonline.net/ and others around the web. Make sure you do a thorough comparison to get the most out of your experience.

Playing Texas Hold’em

The playing of NetEnt Texas Hold’em Pro begins with the selection of the value of the ante bet. This ante value determines the value of any future bets placed subsequently during the game round. After the initial two cards are dealt, players select to call or fold. Folding obviously forfeits the ante bet.

Once the player has called, a set of three faced-up ‘community cards’, the so-called ‘flop’, is dealt. Players have the option of betting or checking before the turn and river cards are dealt. Once the river card has been dealt, the game ends and in true heads-up fashion the showdown follows, which means comparing the players’ hand to the dealers’, and determining a winner.

Pay-outs and Odds

Winning a hand of Texas Hold’em poker pays out at 1:1 on all bets placed except for the ante bet. The ante bet will only pay out the even money winning odds if the winning hand is a straight or better. Mathematically, the game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards that is virtually shuffled each time before any cards are dealt.

Minimum and maximum bet limits per game round as well as range of coin values at these NetEnt Texas Hold’em games may vary because they cater differentially to ‘Low Roller’, ‘Standard’ and ‘High Roller’ players. Obviously all the various game settings such as sound effects and game speed can be adjusted at will.

Ultimately, Texas Hold’em poker is a game of skill, strategy, a smattering of luck and an understanding of cards and their odds, plus a huge element of courage. Net Entertainment has faithfully delivered on these elements with their Pro Series of casino games, and right at the top of the pile sits Texas Hold’em.

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