Jandowae Cup Horse Racing in Australia

Jandowae Cup Horse Racing in Australia

Horse racing in Australia is one of the most popular sporting events in the country, taking its place as the third most-watched sport after Australian football and rugby league. The racing industry in Australia is also historic and well-established, having been introduced as far back as the late 18th century. Soon after the first race horses landed on Australian shores in 1788, race clubs and race meetings started to appear across the country, and a large proportion of these clubs still exist and are still in operation today.

Racing is also a highly social pastime, and many Australian races feature extra family activities, entertainment facilities and more. Race meetings like the Jandowae Cup are often accompanied by Fashion on the Fields competitions, children’s activities and food and beverage facilities, making them in most cases events that are suitable for spectators of all ages.

The History of Jandowae, Queensland

The history of the town of Jandowae dates back to the 1860’s, when the first European settlers arrived in the area. The town was originally called Jindowie, taken from the Aboriginal term for a watering hole. In 1877 the first school was established in Jandowae, and the development of agriculture and farming in and around the Darling Downs area propelled the town’s growth, with town halls, banks and churches soon being established.

Today, Jandowae is a prominent agricultural hub and is known to be one of the most extensive wheat growing regions in Queensland. Current facilities in the town include a school, a bank, a post office and three hotels. Sporting facilities for tennis, golf, swimming, bowls, squash and skating are also available in the town, as is the Jandowae Race Club, which is used to host online horse betting australia meetings such as the annual Jandowae Cup race day.

The Jandowae Cup Race Meeting

The Jandowae Cup in Jandowae, Queensland is one of the Darling Downs area’s most well-attended race meetings. The race is held annually at the local Jandowae Race Club, and typically takes place at around the end of May. The Jandowae Cup race day consists of a number of different races, all of which are run on a dirt track, while the Jandowae Cup itself is run over 1,200 metres.

Other races featured at the Jandowae Cup race day include the Jandowae Memorial Benchmark 65 Handicap, which is run at 1,200 metres, the Jandowae Cup Open Handicap, which is run at 1,500 metres, and the Jandowae Business Houses and Trainers Trophy Class B Handicap, which is also run at 1,500 metres on the day. The next Jandowae Cup race day is set for the 21st of May 2016.

Recent Winners of the Jandowae Cup

In 2015, horse Gaelstorm with jockey Bradley Appo took first place in the Jandowae Cup race, claiming prize money to the value of AUS$6, 175. Second place was taken by Hussy Erin and jockey M. O’Brien, who claimed a prize of AUS$1,900. In third place was Storm Magic and N. Evans, who claimed the third place prize of AUS$950.

Previous winners of the Jandowae Cup 1,200 metre race include jockey B. Thomson and horse Laertes in 2010, who came in at a time of 1:10:82. During both previous years 2009 and 2008, the Jandowae Cup was won by horse I Dared with jockey J. Hearne.

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